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Unlocking greater impact with committed partners

FDC is constantly in the pursuit of partners who align with our business objectives and organizational vision. Our agenda for increasing accessibility of quality healthcare across the globe materializes with the right partners.

We operate under an array of business models that allow our partners to explore different avenues of collaboration. From development to marketing, we bring our decades of experience to the table at each step of the way.


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Uncompromising Quality driven by an unwavering commitment to be a provider of accessible healthcare.


Globally Approved Manufacturing Facilities






After our first US-FDA inspection in 1985, we have undergone over 30 extensive audits by regulatory authorities including the US-FDA, UK-MHRA, SA-MCC and ANVISA (Brazil). Most importantly, our facilities have been approved by these authorities on every occasion.

FDC exports to over 50 countries, including advanced markets such as the US, UK, South Africa and Japan. As an integrated pharmaceutical company - with world-class API and formulation capabilities - we offer a wide range of formulations, as well as APIs. Besides our oral solid and oral liquid formulations, our expertise in ophthalmics and Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) dosage forms gives us extensive reach and penetration across continents. Our competence in product development, regulatory expertise and manufacturing built over several years of relentless efforts have made us a preferred supplier to global customers including non-profit organizations like UNICEF, IDA, MSF and PSI.


FDC International Limited (set up in 1996) is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary, and FDC Pharma (set up in 2009) is a Branch office of FDC Limited. FDC International Limited and FDC Pharma are located in Southampton, United Kingdom (UK).

In the 1990s, FDC Limited was the first Indian company to introduce sterile ophthalmics products in Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology in the UK and to set up its own cGMP warehouse for stocking and supplying finished dosage forms in the United Kingdom. The warehouse located in Southampton, UK, has a storage capacity of approximately 100 pallets along with Cold Storage facilities for temperature controlled sterile ophthalmics products. Two competent Pharmacists ensure release of all incoming products in the UK.

Apart from marketing generics in FDC International's livery, we supply a wide range of ophthalmics products to other pharmaceutical marketing companies in their livery, in the UK and other parts of Europe. Today, several top quality generic formulations from FDC International and FDC Pharma compete and share shelf-space with global (innovator) brands, as well as other generics across the European Union (EU).


FDC SA (PTY) Limited is a registered pharmaceutical company, set up in 2003. FDC Limited owns 93-94% stake in FDC SA. This company specializes in marketing pharmaceutical products in South Africa and other African countries.


Impact that reaches every corner of the globe

Every move that we have made in the last 86 years, we have made it with the intention of providing accessible, quality healthcare. We were the first Indian company to introduce sterile ophthalmics products in Blow-Fill-Seal technology in the UK. Today, we manufacture 300+ products in India and export them to 50+ Countries.


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Decades of process and product innovation that has a built a portfolio of products that are synonymous with their product category.

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